• Isa-Schirripa
  • Holly-Helgeson
With a small donation made to Lupus UK, the Butterflies for Lupus Showcase 2017 has been concluded for another year. I have added a couple of late submissions to the showcase and completed the Pinterest boards. Please take a look – AdultsChildren.

Although I make a donation myself for every design I receive, I need to mention Ann Clarkson and Holly Helgeson for their kind contributions to the final sum.

I will be honest and admit that this year ‘The Butterflies for Lupus Showcase’ has not gone totally as I had imagined and it has been largely my own fault. I launched the new website much too late, I didn’t promote at all and then I let work and health issues prevent me from completing the job properly. But I still need to thank everyone who took part, veterans and not, children and adults. Without your contributions the showcase would not take place at all! I do hope that you will all consider taking part again next year.

However, I am still very convinced that my lovely butterfly project to raise awareness for Lupus sufferers has good potential and I will be back next year with more energy than ever. Very soon (around autumn), I will be launching a new section to the website which will finally put into action an idea that I have had for quite sometime. So without revealing all the details please come back after the holidays and check it out. I obviously will be promoting the new initiative on Facebook and Instagram as soon as it is up and running.

THANK YOU again to everyone who participated.