Hello, the Butterflies for Lupus campaign is over for this year. It was a great success. A nice donation is waiting to be paid to Gruppo LES Italiano Onlus and 93 gorgeous butterfly designs are now archived forever on the Butterflies for Lupus website and on Pinterest.

I just need to say a few ‘thank-yous’ to everyone who took time to send in a design or helped me out in some way.
Simona Donadonibus helped me with her lovely class of 24 ‘artists’, we talked about Lupus and then drew butterflies, a most delightful and fun morning for everyone. My english class also had an enjoyable lesson on the Life Cycle of the Butterfly ‘in English’… I think they much preferred the drawing lesson afterwards! Stefania Vincenzi sent me some fabulous designs from her students who had previously studied beautiful butterfly illustrations by artist David Hockney and then felt inspired to draw their own! The Retirement home S.S Annunziata at Busca sent me over 30 designs and I only used half of them because I had no names or ages to match to them! I have been assured that next year we will be more organised and I hope to be able to include them all. I suspect a record has been broken as maybe we have some over 90’s who have sent in designs but I have no proof!

Thanks to my Mum, Ann Clarkson who is a veteran, she also makes a donation every year. Thanks to MANY designer friends who I know are very busy but they always find time to send in a pattern or design, and, may I add, the entries are always beautiful. Special thanks to Holly and Ruby who along with their designs always make a kind donation too! A strange entry from the Merletti family who insisted on having all their drawings as a group entry. I rely on very special friends like Alfred, Chiara and Tom to come up with the goods every year. Thank you to Eva, Nicola, Cecilia, Alice and Giada. I hope that I haven’t left anyone out, and of course special ‘Thanks’ go to Daniele who helps me sort out the final showcase and post it online.

See you all again next year,
Dawn x