As many of you know, every year I organise a Butterflies for Lupus Showcase where I collect original butterfly art to raise awareness for the autoimmune disease Lupus. This recent edition was hosted as a challenge on Instagram called ‘Paper Wings’. I created a paper collage butterfly everyday for 31 days and posted them on @butterflies_for_lupus. Obviously my personal challenge was also open to anyone who wanted to join in and a few people sent me some lovely butterflies. In addition to the showcase I hosted a little random prize draw which was won by the lovely David Page from the UK. He has received an illustrated Mug designed by Donna Sharam, and guess what? there was a butterfly on it.

The final designs have been published here on the website Butterflies for Lupus and on Pinterest. Please take a look and enjoy. The Butterfly Showcase is always a pleasure for me to see when it is completed and all the designs are together. This has been a very strange showcase for me, the whole world is distressed and confused over the pandemic, I hope that you are all safe and maybe this showcase can bring a smile to your face. Last of all I need to say a big thank you to everyone who supported the initiative ‘again’! Maike Thoma, Rosie Martinez-Dekker, David Page, Suey Sue, Tania Cerquitelli, and, Vittoria and Francesca Venesio.

As always, thanks to Daniele who keeps a strict eye on the website, which incidentally was ‘hacked’ in May this year whilst the showcase was in full bloom!

The Showcase will return in May 2021 to help raise awareness for Lupus, stay tuned.

Thanks for reading