A very different Butterflies for Lupus Showcase

This year I changed almost everything about collecting butterflies for the 2019 showcase. I must admit I did consider not doing the showcase at all but then decided that changing the rules was the best temporary solution… at least for this edition.

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Instagram Challenge: Chasing Butterflies

The Butterflies for Lupus Showcase 2019 will be hosted as an Instagram Challenge: Chasing Butterflies.

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All change for the Butterflies for Lupus Showcase 2019

The main difference this year is that the Showcase will be hosted as an Instagram Challenge. I will post a design every day through the month of May and hope you will join me and contribute by sharing a butterfly design too!

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Sometimes I draw butterflies

One of my hashtags is ‘sometimes I draw butterflies’ and it’s true, sometimes I do! Mainly I collect butterfly art to raise awareness for people with Lupus and once a year I ask people to send me their butterfly art to share on this website.

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Butterflies for Lupus 2018 – Thank-yous!

Hello, the Butterflies for Lupus campaign is over for this year. It was a great success. A nice donation is waiting to be paid to Gruppo LES Italiano Onlus and 93 gorgeous butterfly designs are now archived forever on the Butterflies for Lupus website and on Pinterest.

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Welcome to the Butterflies for Lupus Showcase 2018

Well today is the 10th of May and World Lupus Day, time for me to show you all the beautiful butterfly designs that I have collected for this year’s showcase. It is always hard to organise everything and sometimes I wonder why I do it, however, I insist on trying to raise awareness for this strange and unpredictable disease.

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The Butterflies for Lupus Showcase 2018 has been launched!

It’s that time of year again and I find myself hunting everywhere for butterfly designs.

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2017 Showcase News

With a small donation made to Lupus UK, the Butterflies for Lupus Showcase 2017 has been concluded for another year. I have added a couple of late submissions to the showcase and completed the Pinterest boards.

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Welcome to the Butterflies for Lupus Showcase 2017

Today, May 10th, is world Lupus Day and every year I organise this special butterfly showcase to celebrate the occasion.

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Create a butterfly and send it to me

This is the official announcement: PLEASE CREATE A BUTTERFLY AND SEND IT TO ME. There will be a special place for your butterfly in my 2017 showcase which will be made public on the 10th of May.

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