One of my hashtags is ‘sometimes I draw butterflies’ and it’s true, sometimes I do! Mainly I collect butterfly art to raise awareness for people with Lupus and once a year I ask people to send me their butterfly art to share on this website. The ‘Butterfly Showcase’ is always on the 10th May to help celebrate World Lupus Day. The choice of the butterfly as a subject is not mine but because many people who suffer from Lupus will experience a rash over the nose which is surprisingly like a butterfly. Almost all of the organisations who are involved with Lupus will have some kind of Butterfly in their logo.

In between I draw butterflies from time to time and post them on my Instagram account @butterflies_for_lupus. But I have a small confession to make… I don’t like drawing butterflies! If any of you recognise my art you will note that I never draw animals or people or real life situations. I love abstract shapes and imaginary flowers and plants, strong contrasting elements and bright colours, many of which find their final destination in some sort of pattern.

So when it’s time to draw a butterfly again… oh no… I’m never in the mood for drawing butterflies and more often than not I really don’t know where to start. But I have realised that this exercise does me good, teachers are always talking about ‘getting out of your comfort zone’ and drawing butterflies for me is just that. I am compelled to create something that I’m not really interested in drawing because I have an appointment with an overdue Instagram post. I also find I have a good excuse to show my drawings even when I am not pleased with the result, because the purpose of my drawing is not to show my skill but to show my dedication in supporting Lupus. It’s all positive stuff for my confidence and sometimes I am almost ‘pleased’ with the outcome of my efforts.

This ‘getting out of your comfort zone’ has struck me as being the whole idea of the Butterflies for Lupus, the reason why I started the project in the first place and the reason why I continue to collect butterfly art and produce some of my own. It’s the classic case of not what you produce but the ‘taking part’ as being the most important bit and the bit that counts. So as no one is judging your efforts, get out there and support me. I am creating a new hashtag on Instagram, if you are drawing a butterfly and you can share your image, tag @butterflies-for-lupus and use the hashtag #isupportbutterfliesforlupus, your butterfly will help promote Lupus awareness and help me in my quest to continue to fill the world with lovely butterfly art.

Thank you