Well today is the 10th of May and World Lupus Day, time for me to show you all the beautiful butterfly designs that I have collected for this year’s showcase. It is always hard to organise everything and sometimes I wonder why I do it, however, I insist on trying to raise awareness for this strange and unpredictable disease. Lupus is hard to diagnose and as are most illnesses not a fun thing to have. By collecting butterfly art I hope to ignite just a little curiosity towards this auto-immune disease. It is hard to contemplate what Lupus means to someone who has to deal with it’s effects every single day.

We have some great children’s designs and this year in the adult gallery I have made an exception and added 15 designs without name or age! They come from a Retirement Home and I am told everyone spent a wonderful afternoon drawing and painting butterflies, such a good time infact, they forgot to sign them. It’s a shame as probably someone may have broken the record to be the oldest person to send in a design for the showcase!

There are some super designs as usual and I will soon write another post with personal Thankyous and details of my donation to Gruppo LES Italiano Onlus. For now just enjoy the art and let me know what you think of the entries. I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram, please share and like as it is all useful for the initiative.

Thank you to everyone who took part, you can also see the designs Pinterest.
For now just enjoy.